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Helping Women Succeed in Work and Life

My name is Barbara Greenway. 


Do you feel like you are being ignored, talked over, or your ideas are not accepted? Do you feel like you are being judged, criticised, or put down? You have thoughts perhaps that it's not right to have career aspirations, are not sure you belong anymore, don't feel good enough and are wondering how to get your confidence back?

I certainly did and so do most of my Clients.

I have had an amazing career in digital technology, raised 3 children, remained happily married, taken care of my parents, changed direction more than once, kept some semblance of my true self and my sanity and am now ready to help you with the support and guidance I myself longed for when I was close to falling off my perch.

After a 30 year career in software development, technical project management, product management and business management, I now focus on supporting aspirational women working in the technology and digital sectors, making that transition to a new or more senior role and needing to develop all the additional skills and internal resources that role requires.

My calm and motivational coaching and mentoring style, plus my experience of having been there; done that; got the T shirt, delivers excellent results in a safe environment of honesty, trust and professional integrity.

Specialities: Working with Women in Technology and Digital, Mentoring, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, First 100 Days Coaching, Career Coaching, Start-Up Coaching, Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs, Workshop Leader for Teams, Workplace Mediator.

I have degrees in Psychology and Information Technology, am a State Registered Nurse, and lived in London for 35 years. I now live and work in South Devon on a 4.5 acre slice of heaven.


Coaching is a confidential partnership. An ICF ACC credentialed professional coach, I abide by the Code of Ethics as defined by the International Coaching Federation

Please contact me for a free, half hour, Discovery Call at:


Tel: 07771911710

About Me: Inner_about
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