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Brainstorming Session

Start Up Coaching 

I work with people setting up their own businesses as a coach and mentor. Having set up and successfully run my own business since 2014, I am keen to help you succeed and to avoid some of my own pitfalls.

To date I have worked with:

Cybercafe - an enterprise in Kigali, Rwanda, where I coached the founder to develop her business portfolio.

e-Fridge Magnet - a device to support independent living for elderly people in their own homes (supported  by Bethnal Green Ventures), providing product testing and business advice to the founding team.

Power in Your Pocket - a coaching app being developed for women in South Africa, based around text and audio content formats to allow for connectivity constraints, coaching the founder and advising on developing her digital product. - an app to support reading in Pakistani schools, coaching the founder on developing the business and  her digital product. - an ambitious new coaching platform to improve UK productivity. I am currently providing business and product development advice and guidance as well as being a FlourishZone Coach Ambassador, working with Adrienne Percival, award-winning Founder.

Bloom Renewables - consulting with the senior team of a rapidly growing company, designing and installing domestic and commercial renewable energy solutions, to build in resilient and effective systems and processes.

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