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Individual Coaching Programmes

Deep Dive and Re Set - Ideal for ambitious professionals with a key issue that needs resolving, and quickly

  • 2 hours to work together, exploring your burning issue and creating options for you to take away and action.


First 100 Days  Programme  - you have just 3 months to make an impact in a new role or project! - the first 100 days programme is ideal for professionals who are facing their next challenge, want to step up their game, or are moving into a more senior role – includes self awareness, confidence building, negotiating & influencing, stakeholder management, relationship building, planning,  prioritisation, networking  and time management. This flexible programme comprises a choice of

  • 1 month Programme - up to 6 sessions - a laser focus on the priority issues you are facing and building actionable solutions

  • 3 month Programme - 12 sessions  that enable you to step up with full of confidence, equipped with the tools and techniques to succeed.


1 day Coaching Intensive Vision Day - designed to help you formulate a vision for the next stage of your life/career. Having a whole day working alone with your coach to explore your future vision gives a chance for spaciousness in your thinking and an opportunity to lift yourself out of the day to day and think about your life and career more strategically and creatively. 

Flexible Coaching and Mentoring - together we will build a programme of the right number of sessions and topics for you. From a short sharp intervention to a longer, deeper, solutions-focused exploration, choose exactly what you need, when you need it.

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