Individual Coaching Programmes

The 1 day Coaching Intensive Vision Day - designed to help you formulate a vision for the next stage of your life/career. Having a whole day working alone with your coach to explore your future vision gives a chance for spaciousness in your thinking and an opportunity to lift yourself out of the day to day and think about your life and career more strategically and creatively. The morning is a series of structured exercises designed to get you thinking differently and stimulate your creativity. Part of the session is outside, often when clients get their 'Aha' moments, and then in the afternoon we pull everything together into an action plan. There is a follow up 6 weeks later with a coaching call to check how you have done against the action plan you've set yourself and at that point it is usual to hear a considerable amount of progress has been achieved.

The 3 month programme of  6 sessions - ideal for those who are looking for their next challenge, want to step up their game, or wish to work on less tangible behaviours– such as body language, gravitas, self-management, emotional resilience, personal impact, or influencing. Your coach uses this programme to address your challenges and move you forward.


The 12 month programme kicks off with a 1 day Vision Intensive followed by 10 sessions - perfect for leaders and managers keen to make a significant shift in their career. It is ideal for those who run a company or department, or are

leading a large change programme or restructure

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