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                            Terms and Conditions

Individual Coaching sessions are conducted online using Zoom.


The Coaching Intensive Vision Day is held in-person at a stunning country-side setting near Totnes in South Devon. The follow up coaching session is an online or telephone call.

Alternatively, the Vision Day may be done online, on 2 consecutive mornings, with the follow up coaching call as above.

Team Coaching sessions are conducted online, in-person at your premises, or at an alternative suitable venue at your cost.


All fees are exclusive of VAT  and travel expenses.

Alternative venue/room hire is by arrangement.

Sessions cancelled within 24 hours will charged at full rate. 

All sessions are 50 minutes, except for the Coaching Intensive Vision day which is 7 hours plus 1 hour preparation time and a 1 hour follow up online or telephone coaching session.​

Fees are payable in advance of the start of each coaching programme.

Programmes are time-bounded, as agreed with each client at the outset. Unused sessions are not refundable.

Coaching is a confidential partnership. I will not at any time either directly or indirectly use any information from or about you and your organisation either during or after the coaching programme and I will not divulge that you are in a coaching relationship without your permission. There are two exceptions to this: 

  • Professional Coaches have a Lead Coach, or Supervisor, with whom they discuss their coaching programmes. This is to ensure the integrity of the process and is subject to the same conditions of confidentiality. 

  • Please note however that should you choose to disclose involvement in an illegal practice I am obliged to refer the matter appropriately. 

Greenway Coaching’s practice abides by the Code of Ethics as defined by the International Coaching Federation 


To find out more please contact Barbara Greenway for a free, half hour Discovery Call:


Tel: +44 7771 911710

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