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“Extremely powerful. I can’t recommend Barbara highly enough. I arrived with all sort of ‘what if’ questions. But by the end of the day, the only question I was asking myself was ‘How can I not do what I want to do?"


“Barbara was recommended to me by a friend and I booked a Coaching Intensive Vision Day with her because I felt really stuck and lacking in energy in all aspects of my life, especially work. As I had never met Barbara before, I did wonder if I would feel a bit awkward talking about myself at my lowest to a complete stranger. Not a bit of it! Barbara was brilliant at establishing rapport and creating a safe space in which I could be completely honest with myself. Stuff came to the surface that I didn't even know was there. She listened, was non-judgmental and I felt truly heard. The day was well structured with lots of different exercises to stimulate thinking and energy. I came away with a renewed sense of self and some useful actions to take forward, which I've done. 3 months on I feel happier, more energetic and enthusiastic and I have a clearer sense of purpose. I feel more me than I have done in ages!”




“Being new in the role and new to management, coaching allowed me to think about and investigate my response to the challenges of motivating my team, implementing changes and tackling some performance issues with various staff members. I came away from the process energised by the belief that I had the tools and the answers to the challenges I would face. Coaching provides no right or wrong answers, rather it helped me understand that I would have the ability to manage in a way that I felt appropriate and that would be right for me and my team. Barbara Greenway was an excellent coach, she has the ability to strike a rapport and make you feel as though you are communicating in a very safe and confidential zone. She pushes quite hard to make you think and work through your own issue. She has a knack of making you analyse your own approach and, from that, of allowing you to arrive at a place you may not have got to on your own.”


“I have significantly developed as a leader through my coaching experience. I have been improved my organisational and management skills delegating and organising work more efficiently. I have developed a more sophisticated communication style with my team and significantly improved relationships with my multiple managers. This has been of clear benefit to the BBC in that my team is run effectively enabling a smooth handover now I am due to go on maternity leave. I have also been able to channel energy into high profile strategic and creative projects that have pushed the business forward. Barbara has been critical in helping me effectively deliver both the day job and energise myself to focus on the bigger picture and have the confidence to identify and take on high risk/profile projects. Barbara is fantastic at setting objectives and creating an organised framework for the coaching relationship to inhabit. This security enables boundaries to be pushed and I am always amazed at how much I achieve personally in terms of goal setting in a session with Barbara. She employs visual techniques and for a visual person like myself a lot of powerful turning points in our coaching sessions will now stay with me. She is genuinely an inspirational business woman and an insightful caring individual which makes her a brilliant coach."

“I cannot speak highly enough of the impact that Coaching has had on me- it has been transformational at a time when taking on significant new responsibility in terms of directly better leading my team- delegation, expectation setting, performance management. However I feel that the broader impact of my coaching has been about not only helping with this specific business issue, but more broadly encouraging and enabling me to be the best that I can possibly be in all aspects of my professional and personal life. When I say I loved my coach, it's not an overstatement! Barbara and I really clicked and quickly developed a v trusting and open relationship. I felt her understanding, compassion, challenge and support levels were spot on for me. Her calm approach and instinctive and insightful probing in order to get to the route of issues was always perfectly pitched. I experienced a great deal of personal challenge and upheaval over the period of my coaching as well as coping with a continually high pressure role, and I genuinely mean it when I say I couldn't have got through it without her”


“Coaching has given me the ability to plan better long term and have confidence in my ability as a leader. Barbara is tough and questions assumptions constantly - she cuts out the crap quickly; this again makes the sessions extremely productive and I always feel Barbara helps me helicopter situations and come up with effective solutions. Barbara is one of the most inspiring leaders in the BBC I have met. Her calm, steady yet tough approach is a perfect sound board to coach and inspire those working with her. She is incredibly effective and results focused but also incredibly kind and has great empathy.”



"Barbara, worked alongside the senior team throughout 2017 to facilitate the planning and the delivery of cross functional projects key to our strategy.  Using coaching techniques, group workshops and great communication skills, she helped the senior team to better deliver through team optimisation & focus.


Her open and pragmatic approach brought a breath of fresh air into to organisation. Not only is she extremely knowledgable and experienced, but is also very likeable as a person and an excellent listener. She doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but builds on what already works, co-creating improvements with the team that they are ow confidently working with themselves.


I would be very happy to engage Barbara again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her."




“I found you easy to get along with and to explain my situation in my own time, and assess my position within the career marketplace. You helped me question my motives and thoughts to be more clear in what I am trying to achieve. Having the flexibility to book the sessions in my own time certainly helped me make decisions at the right pace so that I was both happy with the progress and plans I was making."


“Coaching made me more confident in my own abilities and more relaxed about my future career prospects. This has made me more effective in my role as a) I am able to be more assertive and confident in my work and b) I'm no longer fretting about future insecurity. This has been of benefit to the BBC in that my productivity has gone up and the quality of my work has improved plus thanks to this increased confidence I've also started presenting my own programmes. Barbara was really great supportive, friendly, thoughtful, good at asking probing questions and really made me think differently about a few things.”



References are available on request.

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